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Serving Southern California Since 2005

Centrally located in Newport Beach to all of Southern California, C. Jackson Investigations, Inc. is a full service investigation firm capable of handling any type of case.  We specialize in servicing attorneys, law firms, businesses, and the public at large.  With dedicated full-time associate investigators and support staff, our primary goal is to be responsive to our clients and provide high quality investigations.

This is our mission statement:

To provide quality, in-depth investigations
To be responsive and respectful to the needs of the client
To ensure the highest integrity in the results we provide to our clients
To treat everyone we interact with either in the field or in the office with dignity and respect




4340 Von Karman Ave, Suite 370 Newport Beach, CA 92660


(949) 892-5388

Areas of Practice

Civil and Family

We specialize in civil cases for both plaintiff and defense counsel.  We currently service many of the top civil law firms in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego.  We can perform witness statements, in-depth backgrounds, social media searches, public records searches, difficult person locates, difficult subpoena services, evidence collection, and scene documentation.

Asset searches

Have you sued someone and won?  Do you need to know if your spouse is hiding money?  Is your business partner cheating you?  We can conduct a thorough search to discover the assets of persons or businesses.  Most of our reports can be completed in one to two days and will give you a detailed overview of the assets in possession.

Learn more about our asset searches here.


Do you have suspicions your spouse is cheating? Do you think a plaintiff is lying about their injuries?  Stop worrying and let us provide you with the truth and proof. Through visual or GPS tracking surveillance, we can provide you peace of mind and the answers you seek.

bug sweeping

Eavesdropping by a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, business partner, or maybe even another PI is getting easier due to cheaper surveillance technology.  If you think someone has hidden electronic devices in your home, office, and/or vehicle we can conduct an in-depth electronics sweep to reveal any devices.  With the prolific use of GPS, cellphone tracking, and hidden video surveillance in our lives today, we can also give you strategies to ensure you don’t become victim to future electronic eavesdropping.


Criminal investigations were the original specialty of C. Jackson Investigations, Inc.  With a background in law enforcement and a keen eye for great defense work, owner Cameron Jackson built a solid practice around criminal defense cases.  His natural aptitude has shown with 6 not-guilty verdicts and countless dismissals.


C. Jackson Investigations, Inc.  is equipped to perform cost-effective, Federal & State compliant, thorough pre-employment background checks for all of your prospective employees.  We can also provide background checks on existing employees who are promoting to information sensitive positions.  We also handle in-depth backgrounds, including social media searches for litigation purposes.


We don’t know until we know.
— Cameron Jackson


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