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asset searches

Have you sued someone and won?  Do you need to know if your spouse is hiding money?  Is your business partner cheating you?  We can conduct a thorough search to discover the assets of persons or businesses.  Most of our reports can be completed in one to two days and will give you a detailed overview of the assets in possession.

Read more about our asset searches here.

Bug Sweeping

Just like in the movies, you could be victim of eavesdropping by a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or business partner…maybe even another PI!  If you think someone has hidden electronic devices in your home, office, and/or vehicle we can conduct an in-depth electronics sweep to reveal any devices.  With the prolific use of GPS, cellphone tracking, and hidden video surveillance in our lives today, we can also give you strategies to ensure you don’t become victim to future electronic eavesdropping.

Cheating Spouse

If you are reading this, chances are you came to this website because you already suspect your significant other has been unfaithful. Unfortunately, infidelity is a leading cause of breakups and divorces today. Discovering your partner has strayed from the relationship might be one of the most painful things you will experience. Suspicions of cheating without any concrete proof, however, can destroy your ability to function day to day.

When searching for a private investigator for a case of suspected infidelity, it is important to hire one with experience in this area. Cases that involve surveillance and tracking require the expertise of an investigator who knows how to avoid being discovered by your partner. We have extensive experience on just how to properly execute this kind of investigation in order to get the answers you are looking for. If your partner is keeping secrets from you, we can assist you in finding out what they are.

DMV Searches

We have access to virtually every state’s DMV databases.  If you have a driver license or license plate that needs to be run, we may be able to run it for you.

GPS Tracking

Do you need to track a potentially unfaithful spouse or loved one?  Perhaps your teenager isn’t being truthful with you about their whereabouts.  We provide real-time GPS tracking with a small easy to conceal electronic tracker.  We also allow you to log-in to our tracking website so you can see any time of the day or night where the person or thing your tracking is located…anywhere in the continental US.  This is a cost-effective way to supplement or replace surveillance in certain cases.

pre-employment backgrounds

C. Jackson Investigations, Inc.  is equipped to perform cost-effective, Federal & State compliant, thorough pre-employment background checks for all of your prospective employees.  We can also provide background checks on existing employees who are promoting to information sensitive positions.  We strive to protect the needs and interests of our clients.  As such, we ensure that our pre-employment backgrounds comply with all State and Federal laws.  In addition we keep on top of employment background laws and forms so you will always be compliant with current laws and regulations.

Process serving

We specialize in locating and serving individuals who are avoiding process of service.  We employ a variety of techniques to locate and successfully serve those difficult persons.  To date, we have a 100% success rate in finding those who wish not to be served.

Public records searches

Since 2005 we have been providing in-depth public records searches for our clients.  We know how to navigate the various bureaucracies and government organizations to get you the info you need.  From a basic property deed to a coroner’s report, we have a great success rate in obtaining public records.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the art of finding someone who doesn’t want to be found.  Need a service of process done for an impossible to locate defendant?  Looking for a lost relative or loved one?  How about an old high school friend?  We specialize in locating difficult to find people.  When other process servers or PI’s have failed, we can usually find your missing person.

Social media searches and preservation

Social media has become the focus of our daily lives.  As such it is usually the focus of any investigation.  We are experts at social media searches and preservation.  We have the best applications available to forensically record and preserve social media evidence.  Give yourself the winning edge in court with rock solid social media evidence. 


Do you have suspicions that your spouse is cheating? Is he or she paying more attention to their appearance lately? Have they had a change in wardrobe? Working out when they never have before? Does he or she have blocks of time for which they can’t account? Have you found items or notes that do not belong to you? You have your suspicions and we can help you prove or disprove them. Why continue to worry when we can provide you the truth and proof? Through visual or GPS tracking surveillance, we can provide you peace of mind.

We offer a full range of surveillance options for domestic investigations, fraud, workers comp and employment investigations.

Trial and Lawsuit preparation

Most of our attorney clients utilize our services to identify the correct defendants and/or entities.  Through our various paid databases, we can locate the true and correct names of every defendant.  No more Does when C. Jackson Investigations, Inc. is on the case.

We can also assist with business structures to assist in locating every entity or related entity you may need to name as part of your legal action.

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